We present the iWatSkate iWild edition, the most powerful and wild iWatSkate in the family, the definitive fusion between traditional and electronic skating. High quality materials and a double 400W motor have been used to create the most powerful unit, allowing us to reach speeds of up to 25km/h. Thanks to its incredible power, it will allow you to climb the steepest of hills at a 20º inclination without breaking a sweat. Dont miss your chance, enjoy the experience offered by the iWatSkate iWild and travel whilst protecting the environment. Dont hesitate, bring out your inner skater!

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The iWatSkate iWild edition is a homage to Carving lovers. The high quality wooden deck offers the perfect flexibility so that you can enjoy every turn. The customization of the Riser Pads and Bushings provide a unit thats pushed to its limits with a 400W power that can reach speeds of 25km/h. The finish on the top of the deck with anti-slip material makes the iWatSkate iWild the perfect complement, allowing you to feel the full skater experience in a safe and controlled manner. Youll be surprised by the comfortable wireless control system that will allow you to select the different user modes, speeds and reverse. The iWatSkate iWild offers us the choice of choosing the mode that best suits our needs at that moment, depending on the condition of the environment were in. • Eco Mode: Allows us to advance between 0 and 6 km/h. • Street Mode: Allows us to advance between 0 and 15 km/h. • Pro Mode: Allows us to advance between 0 and 25 km/h. Turn your iWatSkate iWild electric scooter into your ideal travel companion, enjoy the feeling of racing through the city streets. Thanks to its special wheels, which have a 78A rated strength, its especially designed to cushion vibrations, and also to considerably improve the performance of the unit itself. Discover the fun that can be had with sustainable motion with the iWatSkate.