Become the king of the asphalt with the new iWatRoad R9 eXtreme, an innovative electric scooter with an extreme and modern design. Enjoy comfortable transportation on any terrain thanks to its Cross-Rail suspension the iWatRoad R9 Extreme allows us to avoid irregularities in the road and also excessive vibrations. This also considerably reduces the probability of a puncture.

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This iWatRoad R9  incorporates an LCD screen which will allow us to control our velocity at any time, and also the battery level.

Take it anywhere thanks to its quick folding and lightweight design, the perfect travelling companion.

With up to a 25km range and a maximum speed of 25km/h, you’ll be able to cross large distances without having to recharge your battery.

Its high quality aluminium frame, together with excellent adjustable rear-suspension system, disc-brakes and tubeless 8,5” wheels will make riding this electric scooter an unimaginable experience.

Don’ limit yourself to just the day and take advantage of its intelligent lighting system that consists of a Frontal LED and a Rear LED brake light that remains on as long as the brake is being used in order to warn other users of our presence on the road and increasing our safety.

And that’s not all, as its side LED lights provide an extra touch to your iWatRoad and will allow us to enjoy it during all of the hours of the day.

Get the Electric Scooter, and turn it into the ideal complement that can be combined with public transport. The iWatRoad is designed as an urban scooter and it’s recommend that we run distances of between 4 and 6 kilometres per journey in order to optimize the range.

*Important: The range of the scooter will depend on various factors, such as user weight, speed, type of road and inclination.

* To correctly inflate tubeless tires, you will require a compressor.